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Nokia Lumia 550 Features Review

Nokia Lumia 550 Features ReviewMicrosoft Lumia 550 is an unlocked cellphone by Nokia that works on GSM/ HSPA/ LTE technology and supports both GPRS and EDGE. Nokia recently announced this cellphone model in the month of October 2015. However, it will be released in the markets in November 2015. Since it is an unlocked cellphone and functions on GSM... Read More »

Microsoft Lumia 950 Features Review

Microsoft Lumia 950 Features ReviewMicrosoft Lumia 950 is the latest mobile phone model by the Finnish company Nokia. The company recently announced the phone in the month of October. It is anticipated that t5he company would release the product in the market by the mid of November. This is an unlocked phone that works on GSM/ HSPA/ LTE technology,... Read More »