Apple iPhone 6s Price Features And Specification

Apple iPhone 6s Price Features And Specification

Apple has been one of the top companies in the smartphone market. They are known to produce premium devices, offering premium features. Each year, they come up with new models, new possibilities, and new technology. Their first smartphone, which was the iPhone, was a highly successful model, and which attracted thousands and millions of people towards smartphone. Ever since then, Apple has continued to increase and expand its reach to a wider number of audience.

Apple Iphone 6s ReviewsThis year, Apple will be releasing its new flagship device, which is rumored to be called as the Apple iPhone 6s. The Apple iPhone 6s will serve as the successor to the previously released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s plus, and it will feature both hardware as well as software improvements.


There is no doubt that the device will come pre-loaded with the iOS 9, which was recently released in June. However, the more powerful hardware that the phone will pack will definitely affect the software’s performance. It can be expected that the phone’s performance will be smooth, and it will be more powerful than ever.


The device is rumored to get a new and faster processor. There is no specific details on how fast it will be, but it will be called the A9 chip, and it will be a powerful one. The device will carry on the Touch ID, but it is still not clear whether the fingerprint sensor will remain on the Home button, or will it be integrated on the display. Moreover, Force touch is also expected to be introduced in the iPhone 6s. The technology will let the phone distinguish between a touch, and a press on a button.


Several rumors suggest that the phone will get a RAM upgrade to 2 GB, which will be highly useful. The phone will give better multi-tasking capabilities to the user. There will yet again be three storage variants, which will be 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Nevertheless, many reports also suggests that the 16 GB variant might be dropped, and a 32 GB might make its entry. The cost will be highly different for the two variants though.


A rumored 21 MP camera is in the news; however, it is more likely that the iPhone 6s will receive a 12 MP camera. A front 5 MP camera is also expected in the device, which is heavily rumored to contain flash, capability to shoot 1080p videos, and slow-motion at 240p.


While the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus received a major design change from their predecessors design, iPhone 6s is expected to carry on the design of iPhone 6. Rumours suggest that the new iPhone will be slightly taller, and slightly thinner, but that is all. It will be available in all the three variants that the iPhone 6 is available in, though there is a possibility of a rose gold variant, which will go hand in hand with the Apple iWatch. Apple is also speculated to use the Series 7000 aluminum in the iPhone 6s that it used in the Apple iWatch.

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