Apple iPhone SE Features Review


Let’s start this blog by describing the best part about Apple iPhones’. The features of these gadgets have best set of features including best camera, Siri-always on, processor, Apple Pay etc and it has been transferred to small 4” screened gadget from iPhone 6S. Iphone SE is much economical than any other gadget under this flagship. It shares compatibility with all kind of accessories of iPhone 5/5S.

Any review cannot be completed by neglecting the other side of the product. In case if you are selfie lover than this gadget is not for you as the megapixel up-gradation is not that great. You cannot get that 3D Touch experience here. This gadget is similar to that of iPhone 5S and as it has been released in the mid of the year so all the experienced Apple iPhone lover could predict that sooner a new gadget under the same flagship may be announced.


Who are going to love this gadget?

The whole world is waiting to be exposed to the features of iPhone 7, but for all those who have a knack for small phones then iPhone SE is for them only.

Outer appearance:

The outlook of this gadget is not very impressive or the one which anyone would like to show off to the world. It possess the best features of all the gadgets under this flagship of 2015 and it is perfectly identical to iPhone 5S. It seems that the feature of iPhone 5S is stuck in this mini phone.


What does SE stand for?

 It is tough to say whether this abbreviation stands for Small Edition or Special Edition but in reality it is just a Mini iPhone 6S. This phone is designed in three sizes and each one is well designed – iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+.



The price of this 16GB gadget is approx $399, AU$679 or £359 and hence you could conclude it is too economical according to the Apple phone standards. Here you also get an option to pay for it within a time span of 24 months. That’s actually interesting for all those who always wanted to equipped with the Apple gadget. It is the ideal phone for those who prefers small phone but with updated features. If you want the medium screen gadget do not go for it as it is actually small.


Features in brief :

This 5S body designed with 6S features is how this gadget could be described. Though Apple has shrieked the size but they have not done any compromise when it comes to quality. The features of this phone are as follows:

  • 2GB RAM
  • Touch ID
  • 1136X640, 4” display
  • Apple Pay
  • A9 processor
  • 2 megapixel front camera with Retina Flash dim lighting
  • 16GB-64GB Storage
  • Siri Always on
  • Available in rose gold, space gray, golden and silver color
  • Fitness tracker by M9 motion
  • Rear camera of 12 mp
  • Live photos
  • Video recording upto 4K
  • LTE, Wi-Fi calling, voice through LTE, 802.1 lac Wi-Fi


No doubt you are getting the best bargain if you are small phone lover.

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