Google Pixel XL 128 GB Very Silver Unlocked

  Google has finally launched its own Pixel-branded smartphones as part of ‘Made by Google’ campaign to eliminate the need for outsourcing all research and development work on necessary hardware components for its flagship phones. Designed by Google, the Unlocked Pixel and Pixel XL phones come with aerospace-grade aluminium body and include a rear glass... Read More »

Google Pixel C Features, Price And Review

Google Pixel C Features, Price And ReviewThe Google Pixel C was released in 2015 in the month of December. The tablet will be a new introduction to the market, and will feature powerful and high-end specifications. The tablet is solidly built, with various features and the latest Android software. The tablet will be featuring the new USB Type-C connectors in an... Read More »

Google OnHub Simple But Expensive Wi-Fi Router Features

Google OnHub Simple But Expensive Wi-Fi Router FeaturesGoogle has recently announced a new device, and stepped into the Wi-Fi router category. We all know Wi-Fi routers as small devices, sitting at the corner of the room with its blinking lights and one or more antennas to provide Wi-Fi. There’s always a fear of the network dropping with the devices, and then the... Read More »