Samsung Galaxy A9 Price, Features And Review

Samsung Galaxy A9 Price, Features And ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy A9 (Available for pre order) was released in 2016 in January. It served as the successor to the previously released Samsung Galaxy A8, which offered mixed high-end and mid-end specs to the users. Samsung Galaxy A9 brings in mid as well as high-end specs to the users, by introducing a similar premium design and... Read More »

Can I use an unlocked phone with any carrier?

Can I use an unlocked phone with any carrier?If you have ever visited a website that has to do with the mobile technology, it is for sure that you must have come across the phrase ‘unlocked mobile phone’. So, what is this all about? In case you have no idea, fret not! Here, in this article, we would try solving your doubts regarding... Read More »

Top 5 Smartphones For Selfie Lovers

Ever since the inception of the word Selfie, everyone wants to make money out of it, lots of selfie sticksa, selfie apps and selfie phones have been launched. If nothing else, there has surely been an explosion of selfes on internet. Many companies have branded their products as a selfie phone but only few were... Read More »