Google OnHub Simple But Expensive Wi-Fi Router Features

Google OnHub Simple But Expensive Wi-Fi Router Features

Google has recently announced a new device, and stepped into the Wi-Fi router category. We all know Wi-Fi routers as small devices, sitting at the corner of the room with its blinking lights and one or more antennas to provide Wi-Fi. There’s always a fear of the network dropping with the devices, and then the only thing which you can do there is hopelessly sit there, turning the device on and off. This is essentially what Google wants to change with its new device, the OnHub.

Google OnHub

The initial concept of OnHub

OnHub will replace your existing Wi-Fi router, and the initial concept of the device is nothing like the usual routers, where it is a box like device. The device is made in collaboration with the Chinese company, TP-Link, which is widely known for its Wi-Fi routers. The OnHub is made in a cylindrical shape, resembling look that of a cup. The device uses 13 Wi-Fi antennas inside it to support strong signals. The device will be available in Blue and Black colors. Google feels that the new device is made in a stylish way that no one will put it in one corner of the house to never be seen again. It is a device, which can be easily shown to others, without mentioning that it is a Wi-Fi router.


During the first setup of the device, the router picks up the most strong and fast connection for you. Using the unique antenna and the smart software built inside, the router avoids any heavy interferences or drops in connection. If a connection gets broken, it automatically shifts to the most strong connection available at that moment. This is done through the in-built software, which automatically adjusts to a different connections in order to avoid dropping connection. It is made in a way that it always keep you at the peak of the performance. There’s another advantage to OnHub that you can set priority for important activities. For example, if you prioritize your favorite show, it will get the fastest speed for streaming.

Control through Google On

Google has developed a special application for the OnHub, which is called the Google On. It will be available for both Android and iOS users. The Google On application will tell you things such as how much bandwidth has been used, if there’s any problem with the router or connection, suggestions for maintaining a better connection etc. You can also share and receive passwords with the help of this application.

Little OverPriced?

Moreover, OnHub has been made to automatically download and install important updates to itself. Thanks to these extensive features, and a simple working model, it is bound to ease the life of many, but one things where the OnHub may face some difficulties is its pricing. The device is priced at $200, which is a little expensive for just a simple router. Maybe we will be seeing a price drop in the initial product’s design as Google partners with more companies to develop other Wi-Fi routers. read More tech reviews on tech tricks inside

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