LG Nexus 5 X Features Specs and Price

LG Nexus 5 X Features Specs and Price

From some time, there were rumors in the market that Google Nexus is going to launch two newer models by the end of September. Putting an end to the speculations, Nexus has confirmed that it would release one of the two models, i.e., LG Nexus 5 X by the in a few weeks. LG is responsible for making the Nexus 5 X that would run on the very advanced Android v.6.0 Marshmallow. It can be regarded as one of the few phones that would use this updated version of Android in it. Until now, all the latest smartphones are coming with Android Lollipop.

LG_Nexus_5 X

Type of the phone:

If you have heard the news, people from Huawei and LG have confirmed the fact that they are going to release some of the super cool phones in a medium price range that would suit all the budgets. The type of phone that they would come up with is phone tablet or phablet. Phablet is the one that has the dimensions somewhat between a tablet and a phone. This factor may also influence the decisions of Nexus and it might come up with a phablet too.

Following are the features and the specifications that the phone might have:


It might be called as the first phone that would employ the use of Android v.6.0 Marshmallow. Android has not yet come out with the version but would soon release it in the market. The updated version would come with a number of additional benefits, such as USB Type C support, mobile payment system, advanced app permissions, etc. Nexus 5 X would be the very first phone that would employ the use of the updated version. Since all this would take some time, the LG Nexus 5 X would be available in the markets maximum by the month of November 2015.

Display and Memory:

It would have the screen of 5.2 inches, which would have the features like full HD p OLED screen that will provide the audience a nice screen display viewing experience. The screen of Nexus 5 X would be slightly bigger than that of Nexus 5 that is still available in the markets. The internal memory of the phone will be 64 GB with a 4 GB processor. It might employ Snapdragon 620 processor in it that will be enough to provide a faster experience. The RAM of 4 GB would prevent the phone from lagging in operations.

Battery and camera:

The LG Nexus 5 X will have the battery of 3180 mAh that would provide the users a longer talk time and would not drain readily. It might also have the front facing speakers, USB Type C, rear scanner of fingerprints, etc. It will have both the primary as well as secondary cameras. The primary camera will be of 13 MP whereas the front camera will be of four MP.

Price of the phone is not yet known. It can only be told when the company would officially announce about the product and splurge out its details.

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