Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Features, Price And Specification

Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Features, Price And SpecificationThe Motorola Droid Turbo 2 was released in the month of October in 2015. It will serve as the successor to the much popular Motorola Droid Turbo, originally released in 2014 and offered premium experience and specifications to the people. Motorola brings several improvements with the new device such as better display, camera improvements etc.... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy On7 Feature & Review

Samsung Galaxy On7 Feature & ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy On7 is expected to release in the month of November in 2015, along with the Samsung Galaxy On5. Both of the devices feel pretty similar to each other, when compared specifications-wise. The Samsung Galaxy On7 features mediocre specifications and will debut as a mid-segment device. Design & Display Following the images released... Read More »

Nokia Lumia 550 Features Review

Nokia Lumia 550 Features ReviewMicrosoft Lumia 550 is an unlocked cellphone by Nokia that works on GSM/ HSPA/ LTE technology and supports both GPRS and EDGE. Nokia recently announced this cellphone model in the month of October 2015. However, it will be released in the markets in November 2015. Since it is an unlocked cellphone and functions on GSM... Read More »

Microsoft Lumia 950 Features Review

Microsoft Lumia 950 Features ReviewMicrosoft Lumia 950 is the latest mobile phone model by the Finnish company Nokia. The company recently announced the phone in the month of October. It is anticipated that t5he company would release the product in the market by the mid of November. This is an unlocked phone that works on GSM/ HSPA/ LTE technology,... Read More »

Why you should not buy Apple iPhone 6s

There has been always a debate whether to buy the latest Apple iPhone model or not. Now, the debate is on the recently launched Apple iPhone 6 s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus. The phone has been getting the mixed reviews from different critics. According to some people, it is a good phone with amazing... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features and price

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features and priceRecently, there are rumors going around in the market regarding the Samsung S7. It is expected that Samsung would release the phone in the markets in February 2016. The phone will have some of the super cool features that would be loved by almost every person who will be interested in buying the phone. Until... Read More »

LG Nexus 5 X Features Specs and Price

LG Nexus 5 X Features Specs and PriceFrom some time, there were rumors in the market that Google Nexus is going to launch two newer models by the end of September. Putting an end to the speculations, Nexus has confirmed that it would release one of the two models, i.e., LG Nexus 5 X by the in a few weeks. LG is... Read More »

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus Features Specs and Price

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus Features Specs and PriceApple announced the iPhone 6s recently. There have been rumors in the market for quite some time now. However, Apple officially announced this product on 9 September 2015 in the live event by the company. It will soon be available in the markets and is expected to generate a huge fan base. We can say... Read More »

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus has nothing to impress

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus has nothing to impressiPhone is no longer an issue of freshness and novelty. Now, it is a common sight to see an Apple iPhone in people’s hands anytime, anywhere. The situation has arises where the investors don’t trust the company to the extent that they did earlier and as a result, the shares of the company has fallen... Read More »

Can I use an unlocked phone with any carrier?

Can I use an unlocked phone with any carrier?If you have ever visited a website that has to do with the mobile technology, it is for sure that you must have come across the phrase ‘unlocked mobile phone’. So, what is this all about? In case you have no idea, fret not! Here, in this article, we would try solving your doubts regarding... Read More »